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Humphry the tree frog
  • Pastel Drawing of Red-Eyed Tree Frog on Red Leaf
  • Pastel Drawing of Bumblebee Hovering over Pink Flower
  • Pastel Drawing of Nautilus Sea Shells
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Ibis in Tall Grass (work in progress)
Cup and Saucer
Margarita Cupcakes
Wilting Sunflower
La Porte Bleue
Skater Boys

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Of Owls and the October Pastel Challenge

Of Owls and the October Pastel Challenge

After not doing very much painting or anything artistic for oh, about 15 months, the challenge posed to me by fellow pastel artist Gail Sibley came at a perfect time. I was itching to get back to the easel, so to speak, and that was just the little nudge I needed. What was the...