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Humphry the tree frog
  • Pastel Drawing of Red-Eyed Tree Frog on Red Leaf
  • Pastel Drawing of Bumblebee Hovering over Pink Flower
  • Pastel Drawing of Nautilus Sea Shells
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Hoot Sweet
Grumpy Owl
Crooked Owl
Peekaboo (Owl)
Fuzzy Owl
Ibis in Tall Grass (work in progress)

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The October 2017 Pastel Challenge!

The October 2017 Pastel Challenge!

by It’s October and I am back to doing the annual pastel challenge! It means that, along with a group of other pastel artists and enthousiasts┬áled by Gail Sibley, we challenge ourselves to paint with pastels every day of the month. Paint every day; easy, right? Well, not as easy as it sounds! Doing...