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Humphry the tree frog

The Nalu Surf Shack

Nalu Surf Shack Original Pastel Painting CMD

The Nalu Surf Shack isn’t actually a shack, yet. But it has been in the Fripp Island Marina a long time, which is where I found it on a plein air painting excursion with a few other artists from the Beaufort Art Association, a few weeks ago. We all met at the marina on a Monday morning, and it was bright, really bright. Not a cloud in the sky. I thought about painting the marsh again, but the blue in the sky was intriguing me, so I settled on the Nalu Paddleboarding Shop. Jake, the owner, said it was the first time anyone ever painted his shop. I think I’ll be back to paint it again, because that building is a treasure trove of interesting nooks and crannies.

The Nalu Surf Shack, Terry Ludwig soft pastels on 10″ x 15″ inch Sennelier La Carte sanded, Ph-neutral pastel card. Original artwork available through my Etsy Store or by contacting me, archival fine art prints, canvas prints and note cards available here.