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Humphry the tree frog

Skater Boys

Skater Boys Pastel CMD

Skater Boys was inspired by teenagers everywhere. I had been asked to create a painting for a silent auction to raise awareness of teen mental health and to support peer-to-peer help. Unfortunately, it was on short notice, so there was not enough time to complete a new painting for the auction, but it did still inspire me to create this one. I never really did much skateboarding as a kid (I roller-skated, played hockey, the violin and ran), and always thought it would be so much fun. When you watch Youtube videos of the tricks they can do (for example this 16 min. episode, check out the trick at 06:29), it is inspiring!

My skater boys decided to take a little break and are watching someone else shred 😉

‘Skater Boys’ Faber-Castell and Terry Ludwig pastels on 32″ x 8″ inch Canson Pastel board. Original painting has found a happy home in Drachten, The Netherlands,  however archival fine art prints, canvas prints and note cards of this pastel painting are available here.