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Humphry the tree frog

Red Eyed Green Tree Frog on Stem

This is the frog that got me started on what appears to be becoming a bit of an obsession. I saw a photo of a red eyed green tree frog online, and it inspired me to try to capture the way it seems to be smiling at the viewer.

Red Eyed Tree Frog on Stem. 2012, Pastel on black paper, approx. 30″ x 24″. Original and prints available.




A lot of my inspiration comes from flora and fauna (especially tree frogs!), many of which are endangered or their existence threatened by human encroachment, reduced habitats or pollution. Therefore, when you purchase any of my animal paintings, I donate a portion of the sale to The Wildlife Conservation Society. WCS is the world’s preeminent science-based conservation organization, founded in 1895.