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Humphry the tree frog

Pine Tree


Today, together with a few fellow painters from the Beaufort Art Association, I spent a few hours looking at Fripp Island through artist eyes and did some ‘en plein air’ painting (outdoor painting or painting in the open air). It was a very warm morning; we were lucky to find some shade under the trees. I always find this type of painting challenging; the light is constantly changing and so the scenery does too.

Since we visited Japan earlier this spring, I’ve seen some beautiful pine trees. Since I painted the marsh reflections during my last ‘en plein air’ session, today I decided to focus on this small pine tree, alone amid a small copse of oaks, along a little sandy trail overlooking the marsh and Fripp Island marina.

Pine Tree pastel painting, painted with Terry Ludwig soft Pastels on 6″ x 8″ (15cm x 20cm) Strathmore 400gms acid-free vellum surface Mixed Media Paper.

The original painting is available for purchase through my Etsy store here (or by contacting me), and archival art prints of many sizes are available here.