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Humphry the tree frog

Phuang Malai – Thai Jasmine Flower Garland


This is a typical Thai jasmine flower garland, called Phuang Malai, often found at temples and markets.  They are so ubiquitous in Thailand, they even sell them at intersections, to drivers waiting for the light to turn green. They are used as offerings at Buddhist temples and shrines throughout the country, and are so deliciously fragrant, I can only imagine any prayers would surely be answered. I painted this Phuang Malai while sitting in one of few historic buildings left in Bangkok, that had been converted to a coffee shop inside, with some artist friends from Attic Studios.  The flowers reflected nicely on the old, black granite surface of the table.

Phuang Malai – Thai Jasmine Flower Garland, Pastel on dark blue paper, 2013, approx. 6″ x 10″, in the collection of the artist, fine art prints available here.