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Humphry the tree frog

Nautilus Shells in Sepia

Nautilus Shells inspired by Ruth Bernhardt

Nautiluses are these amazing creatures that live in the deepest parts of the ocean, and their beautiful shell allows them to dive as deep as 2,600 feet without imploding. The inner part of the shell is an iridescent pearl, while the outer shell is a matte white with sepia, zebra-like stripes.  I was inspired to paint this pastel painting by the photograph Ruth Bernhardt took in the 1960s for the Smithsonian Museum.

Nautilus Shells in Sepia, soft pastel pencils on Pastel Artboard, approx. 30″ x 24″. The original artwork is in the private collection of Mrs. M. Dellepoort, archival art prints in many sizes available here