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Humphry the tree frog

Blue Tree Frog on a Branch

Black-eyed Blue Tree Frog on a Branch.

Poison dart frogs, members of the Dendrobatidae family, wear some of the most brilliant and beautiful colors on Earth. Depending on individual habitats, which extend from the tropical forests of Costa Rica all the way down to Brazil, their coloring can be yellow, gold, copper, red, green, blue, or black. Their elaborate designs and hues are deliberately ostentatious to ward off potential predators, a tactic called aposematic coloration. They are extremely poisonous. But when they are still small, like this baby blue tree frog, they can be very cute looking!

Black-eyed Blue Tree Frog on a Branch. Pastel pencil and soft pastels on pastel paper. Original size 20″ x 26″ (51cm x 66cm), including double mat surround. Original available to purchase (just contact me) and archival art prints available here.


A lot of my inspiration comes from flora and fauna (especially tree frogs!), many of which are endangered or their existence threatened by human encroachment, reduced habitats or pollution. Therefore, when you purchase any of my animal paintings, I donate a portion of the sale to The Wildlife Conservation Society. WCS is the world’s preeminent science-based conservation organization, founded in 1895.