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Humphry the tree frog


Q: What is pastel? A: Pastel as an art medium is great, as it allows rich colours that do not fade over time. Pastel is basically pure colour pigment powder mixed with water, poured into forms to dry. When dry, what is left are the pastel sticks. To preserve the original rich colours of the pastel pigments, I try to use as little fixative over the final piece as possible; just enough to fix the pigments in place, without dulling the colours.

Q: How can I purchase an original art piece from you? Simply contact me! A: I happily ship my pastels all over the world. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or Paypal payment. I ship unframed pastels firmly wedged between strong cardboard and use EMS or another Courier Service to safely ship with tracking. Shipping cost is calculated based on your location and the size of the pastel.

Q: I received my original pastel art piece, now how do I handle and get it framed? A: I highly recommend keeping the original pastel in the protective plastic and paper wrapping that it arrived in, to protect it from accidental smudging or dents from handling the paper. When you are ready to mat and frame it, simply bring it to a reputable framer who has experience handling pastel paintings. Depending on your location, I will gladly provide you with recommendations.

Q: Some of the pastel chalk has fallen on the mat of the painting (in case of an unframed pastel), how do I clean it off? A: Do not touch it (this will cause it to embed into the mat paper as a smudge), but try blowing it off gently with a camera blower. This will gently lift the pigment dust from the mat. Do not blow on it yourself, to avoid accidentally inhaling some of the powder (not dangerous, but not recommended either!).

Q: Do you sell prints of any of your art works? A: Yes, please visit my DeviantArt site here to order prints of many of my art pieces.

Q: Does your art support a good cause? A: Yes. I get a lot of my inspiration from flora and fauna (especially tree frogs!), many of which are endangered or their existence threatened by human encroachment, reduced habitats or pollution. Therefore, when you purchase any of my animal paintings, I donate a portion of the sale to The Wildlife Conservation Society. WCS is the world’s preeminent science-based conservation organization, founded in 1895.

Q: I want to learn how to pastel paint, do you have some recommended schools or links to check out? A: That’s great to hear! Check out my Artist Resources page for links to schools, artists, suppliers and videos I’ve found useful. Good luck!