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Humphry the tree frog

Art Videos & Links

Below are listed some YouTube videos as well as links to other artists’ blogs that I’ve found helpful in my creative journey. I hope you enjoy them as well! Check back on this page regularly, I add more links all the time.

YouTube Art Videos

Gail Sibley – Sorting soft pastels into values. Gail has a lot of useful videos, this one is great: how to sort your new set of soft pastels into values from light to medium and to dark.

Stephanie Valentin – How to draw a female body (basic proportions). A simple tutorial you can use as a guide to drawing a female body proportionally correct.



Artists’ Blogs & Art Websites

Cristel Pastel Artist Blog. Haven’t you subscribed to my blog yet? You can do it straight from the bottom of the home page. Thank you! 🙂

Margaret Ferraro Blog. Margaret is a workshop Instructor, living in the Ottawa Valley, Canada, specializing in life drawing, pastel, acrylic, and plein air workshops.

How To Pastel Blog by Gail Sibley. Great instructional videos, blog posts from Gail, who is an accomplished pastellist herself, living in British Columbia, Canada.

Skinny A website filled with articles to help the ‘skinny artist’ get more of their art works out there, how to market their art in their community, online and live the artist’s life.


TED Talks I like about creativity, art and life in general:

Janine Shepherd – a broken body isn’t a broken person.  Janine talks about the biggest creative project this paraplegic ex-Olympian ever took on: rebuilding her life.

Elizabeth Gilbert – Your elusive creative genius.  She shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius.







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