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Humphry the tree frog

Art Products & Suppliers

Below a list of art supply stores (online and brick-and-mortar) where I source my supplies, and the materials and products I use to create my art.

My Art Supply Stores:

Quick shipping, competitive pricing and a huge range of materials and supplies, both internationally renowned brands as well as their own Blick Artist’s brand. I am a Blick Affiliate, so if you use this link, you help this artist stay creative! 🙂


Curry’s. Canada’s go-to online as well as brick-and-mortar art supply store chain.



  • Terry Ludwig Pastels. These pastels I found to be very soft, the colours very rich, and they’re all handmade by a pastel artist. “Each pastel is crafted with a broad range of pigments by hand with minimal natural binders. This renders a highly concentrated, velvety pastels. The square shape delivers thick, broad strokes or thin, precise lines where necessary. “
  • Rembrandt Pastels. I’ve worked with mostly hard pastels (CarrĂ© pastels), and enjoyed their versatility. They are available through many art stores and online through some of the suppliers listed above.
  • Sennelier Pastels. Sennelier pastels I’ve used on just a few occasions, but those were memorable. You just touch the paper with the pastel and the luscious colour is transferred. This company was established in by Gustave Sennelier France in 1887, and now their large range of art supplies are available through many good art supply stores all over the world. Cezanne, Gaugain and Picasso are all artists who are known to have used Sennelier pastels and Van Gogh used Sennelier oil paints for many of his paintings.
  • Derwent Pastel Pencils. Derwent is the oldest UK pencil company (1832) that has been making fine art pencils of all kinds since 1938. I like their pastel pencils; though they are a bit fragile, their colours are lovely and easy to apply. Available through many art supply stores.
  • Blick Artist’s Soft Pastels. Founded in 1911 by Dick Blick, today Blick is mainly an online art supply store, that also has their own brand of a number of art materials, including pastels. I ordered them as my beginner’s set, and have been very happy with the range of colours included in the Landscape and Portrait kits. They do not compare with Sennelier or Terry Ludwig in softness or intensity but neither in price! These are very affordable and a great selection to have in your kit.


Papers, Canvas and other Surfaces:

  • Canson MiTeintes Touch. Canson has been making papers since 1557, so they’ve had some practice. Still coming out with new products all the time, I really enjoy using their MiTeintes Touch, which is a sanded pastel board (or paper). Check out this pastel of two shells I created on this sanded board.
  • Canson MiTeintes Paper. It is a pulp-dyed paper with a very high (over 50%) cotton content, which makes it strong, but soft to the touch. Here’s a pastel painting of a frog on a seed pod that I created on a black Canson MiTeintes paper.
  • Strathmore 400gms Papers.



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